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Al-Qaeda releases taped spy confession

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Al-Kulaibi Father and Son

By NY Staff

Yemen’s Al-Qaeda organization released a video claiming to be a confession from a ‘spy’ sent to penetrate the group. In the video, the spy admits to facilitating the assassination of Adnan Al-Qadhi.

The suspected spy states that he arranged an electronic chip to be unknowingly carried by Al-Qadhi and his friend Abu Radhwan, leading to a U.S. strike.

The organization threatened to exact revenge for the militants’ deaths.

The alleged spy, Hefdh Allah Al-Kulaibi, was detained by the organization one day after Al-Qadi’s killing.

“With the help of my son, I put an electronic chip on Al-Qadhi which allowed the U.S. to locate him and kill him with a drone strike,” Al-Kulaibi stated.

Al-Kulaibi’s son stated that his father ordered him to plant the chip.

“I went to his house on Thursday and when he went to the bathroom, I slipped it into his pocket,” he stated.