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Al-Beidh makes demands of UN

National Yemen

Ali Salam al-Beid

By NY Staff

Former Vice President of  Yemen, Ali Salem Al-Beidh stated that he passed on a list of demands from the southern people to the U.N. through the U.N. Envoy to Yemen, Jamal Benomar.

He restated his objection of the conference being held in Sana’a. Al-Beidh called on the Security Council to announce its support for the peaceful southern movement on the 19th anniversary of the 1994 civil war. He also asked the council to recognize his efforts at discouraging violence.

Al-Beidh called on the international community to respect the wishes of the southern people and to support the establishment of an independent southern state.

Al-Beidh said that holding the NDC in Sana’a was inappropriate and that the conference is trying to ‘legalize the occupation of the south.’

The tribal sheikh said he has observed good attitudes and optimism regarding the southern demands from international and regional communities.

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