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Amal Al-Basha speech upsets some NDC members

National Yemen

Amal Al-Basha

By NY Staff

Amal Al-Basha harshly condemned the transitional justice process, comparing it to rape during a speech to National Dialogue participants. The analogy upset some National Dialogue Members, who walked out of the room in protest.

Transitional justice team member Salah Alssaiadi said Al-Basha’s speech started out strongly but was unnecessarily provocative. He commended Al-Basha for emphasizing the importance of holding individuals accountable for their actions, and said he preferred to focus on the political message behind her speech, and not the ‘theatrics.’

“Transitional justice means compensating victims and opening a new page for Yemen,” Alssaiadi said.

Al-Basha said her intentions were to highlight violations to the transitional justice process, whether committed by individuals or institutions.

“I wanted to draw their attention to the necessity of compensating victims and not neglecting their cases.”