Islamic Relief Concludes Phase II of Health Care Project

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Islamic Relief’s Health Care Provision project provided medical care to 71 sponsored orphans by the organization, and supported also their sibling and guardians.

The phase II of the healthcare program targeted cases from among those suffering of E.N.T and Optical related illnesses.

Raeed, one of Islamic Relief sponsored orphans, has been supported through one to one sponsorship programs since 2007. Raeed, a bright kid always topping in his class, has suffered from tonsils problem for the past six months. “His father was killed by mistake when he was a child” explained Asma’a Mohammed, Islamic Relief OCWP Project Officer, “and his family couldn’t offer or bear the total cost of checkups, medicine and operation. The project gave Raeed and his family the opportunity to get free medical care.”

“I feel happy since my son was subjected to tonsils surgery, as for Raeed ,he can’t wait to be back to school” Raed’s mother said.

Mohammed Al Ragawi, IR media communication officer, explained that the objective of the project was essentially to improve the health status of orphans and their families, providing necessary health care of medical examinations and laboratory, and providing urgent surgical interventions.

“The project will contribute to the empowerment of orphans and their families to overcome the psychological consequences and establish more stable family environment” AlRagawi stated.

The project, which was implemented with the cooperation of Ibn Al- Haitham International Specialized Hospital in Sana’a & Al- Razi Specialist Hospital in Aden, is the continuation of phase I of the Health Care Provision programme.

In Phase I, 2961 beneficiaries were targeted over the period of May to December 2012.  “Basic health checkups, laboratory tests, eye glasses, medication and special interventions surgeries were provided. Out of this number 53 people received eye glasses, while 38 conducted surgeries in E.N.T and Optical Fields” stated Asma’a Mohammed.

Phase II of the Health Care Provision project was conducted in the governorates of Sana’a, Aden, Lahj and Abyan.

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  • Mohammed Al Ragawi, IR media correspondence officer, clarified that the goal of the task was basically to enhance the wellbeing status of vagrants and their families, giving important social insurance of medicinal examinations and lab, and giving pressing surgical mediations.