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Turkish embassy in Yemen regrets on the Visa Abolition delay


Turkish Ambassador to Sana’a, Fazli Corman

Press statement

The Embassy of Republic of Turkey regretfully announces that the “Agreement on the Mutual Abolition of Visas between Turkey and Yemen” would not be possible to put into force on 1st of May 2013 as stated earlier.

Travel between two countries without visas will become possible later only after a procedural legal obstacle can be cleared. The reason of delay is an article in the Visa Abolition Agreement stating that “this agreement should enter into force at the same date of entry into force of the Readmission Agreement”. Since the parliamentary ratification procedure of Readmission Agreement has not been finalized in Turkey yet, the implementation of Visa Abolition Agreement needs to be delayed for a while.

The Embassy regrets any inconvenience that may arise from the delay in the implementation of the Visa Abolition Agreement and assures the Yemeni public that it will do its utmost to ease and expedite the visa procedures at the Embassy until the ratification of Readmission Agreement by the Turkish Parliament is completed and both agreements go into force. The Yemeni citizens with travel plans ahead to Turkey are strongly advised to apply for visa to the Embassy, which will keep the Visa Section open for any possible emergency applications tonight and following days in weekend.