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NDC budget is USD 29 million, not 79 million

National Yemen

Dr. Ahmed Awad Bin Mubarak

By NY Staff

National Dialogue Conference (NDC) Secretary General Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak has denied reports that the general budget of the NDC is USD 79 million.

“The general budget does not exceed USD 29 million and will be coming in batches, supervised by donors. The UK has already paid USD 3 million,” Mubarak said.

A meeting was held last week by the Trust Fund for Supporting the NDC, which included donors who paid direct financial support to the conference. The fund, Mubarak said, aimed to organize the operations of purchases and hiring.

“There is complete transparency in such issues, the process is organized by the U.N.”

Mubarak also denied reports that Gulf countries had apologetically withdrawn their support of the conference. He said that Yemen received generous support from the Saudi government last week, collecting USD 5 million. Gulf countries are eager to see Yemen succeed, Mubarak said.