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Minister of Telecom and IT celebrates the launch of WiMax

The Public Telecommunication Corporation (PTC) launched WiMax services on 11 May 2013 in Sana’a, bringing more competition into the telecom business. The launch continues the PTC’s commitment to its customers, offering subscribers a unique facility with the broadband telecom standard.
Government and media officials, including Minister of Telecommunications and IT Dr. Ahmed Obiad Bin Daghar and General Director of Public Telecommunication Corporation Mr. Sadiq Mosleh officially announced the start of WiMax in both Sana’a and Aden as the first phase following successful testing and performance of the WiMax network.
“Today, we are happy to announce to the country’s organizations, business community and residents that we have fulfilled our promise: to have one of the most advanced network technology in the telecom, internet and IT world, WiMax. This will enable the user to deal with technology in a better, more comprehendible way.”
Dagher said that the government would allow a bidding process for a contract that would cover the entire republic of Yemen, including remote villages.
“It’s financially competitive; the businesses, banking and commercial sectors will be the main beneficiaries of the service,” Dagher stated.
Mosleh said that the launch of WiMax is part of an expansion plan to develop and enhance the speed capacity of Yemen’s internet services.
“It has a taken a while to launch WiMax services; this was intentional. First, because we had to guarantee sustainable and excellent service to users and secondly, to commemorate the 23rd anniversary of the National Day, on 22 May,” Mosleh stated.
WiMax prices will be accessible and will change internet market costs.
WiMax is one of the fourth generation technologies at high advance wireless telecom with a wide broadband of telecom data transfer and high internet speed. The goal of this service is to provide a big number of users to use new application of voice and picture like the one on the ADSL but with wireless features.
The project will kick off in two phases to cover both Sana’a and Aden through 28 tower station at a total cost of 591 million Yemeni Riyals. This Wimax project is one of the most important projects of the year and deserves great attention from the government, ministry of IT and the PTC due to the value returns and the excellent benefits which will make a direct impact in the economy at different levels, both technically and financially.
The objectives of the project:
To continue the development of services to cover the growing needs of the customers through quality service, high speed, flexibility and dependence.
Supporting the economic and development process which relies on telecommunication and IT in daily commercial operations such as banking and electronic commerce.
Achieving easy access by expanding internet broadband services into the whole country.
Benefiting from the flexibility of the wireless network on implementation and costs compared to the metallic cables and optical lights , through one WiMax Tower hundred of customers will have high quality internet service.
Benefiting from the features of the issue IEEE 820.16e which provides internet services of voice and video for the mobile phones at speed reach 180 KM hour.
The main services:
Providing high speed internet service through WiMax towers, which will enable the user to access the internet from anywhere, at any time, easily and with excellent quality.
Variety of services, such as data connection and data transfer and additional group of service which use the technology as a tools for transferring content to subscribers.
The service has multi applications like: –
Video (IPTV) service
Backhaul for the WI-FI and mobile towers network
Connecting security networks like audiovisual control system
Mobile service
Connecting automobile systems with the main systems such as traffic, passport and immigration.
Emergency law enforcement
Mobile TV and Gaming and intelligent traffic .

The tariff of the service

Regular Home Premium + Premium The Package
Auto Fixed Auto Fixed Type
YR.5000 YR.5000 YR.12,500 YR.12,500 Tariff
4 GB 8 GB 12 GB 12 GB Capacities
Free Free Free Free Service fees
Dongle Outdoor + indoor Dongle Outdoor + indoor Type of Modems


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