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Ansar Allah announced the funeral ceremony of Hussein Bader Aldine Al-Houthi.

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Hussein Bader Aldine Al-Houthi.

Asma Al-Mohattwari

Nine years after his death, Ansar Allah finally announced the death of their movement founder Hussein Bader Aldine Al-Houthi.

According to a statement read by the official spokesman of Ansar Allah, Mohammed Abduslam,  “After strenuous and unremitting efforts, the Yemeni Authority revealed the location of Al-Houthi’s body and has handed it over to us on December 28, 2012.”

After they received the body,  they conducted  two DNA tests, one in Lebanon on January 15, 2013 with one of his sons and another in Germany on March 1, 2013 with a relative. The results were completely identical.

In their statement, they revealed details of Hussein al-Huthi death; Ansar Allah accused the regime of committing a heinous crime where they besieged him with his wives and sons on a cliff in Maran village on September 10, 2004.

The siege continued for 3 months in conjunction with the war imposed by the authorities on Sa’ada, accompanied by efforts to prevent the media from covering the war and denying them access to Maran.

“They were besieged with aircraft and artillery bombing,  leading to a lack of food and medicine. They also cut off the water pipes and poured gasoline into a shelf, and then they bombed and set fire to it,” the statement said.

In spite of all that, Al-Houthi remained alive and after authorities promised safety to him, he came down from the cliff wounded and according to some of his companions, the authorities broke their promise and shot him from every side.

Ansar Allah refused to recognize that Al-Houthi was dead because the government refused to give them his body. But after they received the body and that he was Hussein Bader Aldine Al-Houthi, they announced the burial of the body on Wednesday June 5.

Ansar Allah called on people of Yemen and the Arab and Islamic nation to participate in the funeral of their leader and founder.

Houthis organized the funeral ceremony in Sa’ada for Wednesday June 5 with broad participation from several provinces as well as from other Arab and Islamic countries.