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Oman Considers Building a Fence on Borders with Yemen

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Script for Harkies on the street walls of Aden photo by Luke Sommers

By NY Staff

Tension loomed over Yemeni cities after public committees announced the arrest of a militant affiliated with Al-Qaeda.

According to the committees, the militant was targeting the Luder directorate with explosive devices. Military sources stated that public committees intensified their search for the militant after receiving information about him.

“The arrested militant belongs to one of the tribes in Al-Wadhe’a directorate and was holding an explosive belt and was putting his devices at a shop whose owner was also arrested,” noted the source.

Additionally, diplomatic sources revealed that Oman has contracted with a company to build a separation wall on its border with Yemen. Sources stated that Oman’s decision is a result of the deteriorating security situation in Yemen and the continuous smuggling of weapons into Yemeni territory.

“Oman is also concerned about the Al-Qaeda threat as the Yemeni government is still unable to control and defeat it,” added the sources.

On a related note, military sources announced that army units are preparing to launch attacks on saboteurs in Mareb province. Sources added that the attacks come after the increased number of attacks on power lines and oil pipelines in the province.