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Smuggled Weapons Belong to Military Officer

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A sample of a ceased Iranian weapon in Yemen

By NY Staff

Villagers of the Dhabab directorate with help of the army seized a weapons shipment that was on its way to Taiz from Al-Makha. The shipment was reported by fishermen working where it first landed. Sources stated that citizens seized the shipment before a force from the 17 Brigade arrived, which later sent the shipment to authorities in Taiz province. “Fishermen reported that they saw a ship unloading the weapons into two small boats,” stated sources.
According to sources, most of the weapons were rocket projectiles and belong to a Yemeni weapons trader named Al-Mahmary. Sources added that Al-Mahmary is a nephew of a military officer and former commander of a military brigade. An officer in the army confirmed the reports but did not provide any details about the types of weapons.
Weapons flowing into Yemen put security authorities on alert in a very complicated and challenging line of work. Weapons dealers can smuggle arms into Yemen through the coastal line using any number of tactics. Additionally, weapons are still being smuggled into Yemen despite the many operations seizing smuggled shipments. A court specializing in security issues started suing nine defendants accused of smuggling Iranian weapons into Yemen last January through the Jihan shipment. The shipment was the largest and included heavy and light weapons. It was in transit to the Houthi group in Sa’ada province.
Security forces reported that they have tightened their security procedures around Yemeni coasts in coordination with the navy in an effort to foil any attempts to smuggle weapons. The Interior Ministry stated that it has put all suspected boats under surveillance and intensified their procedures around coastlines to prevent any furthe smuggling.

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