Socialpalz a New Arab network for social networking is challenging Facebook

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Socialpalz a New Arab network for social networking is challenging Facebook

Asma Al-Mohattwari

Failure is an opportunity to begin again more intelligently. This was exactly what happened to Saeed Alfagieh, a Yemeni and the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and founder of socialpalz.com.

Saeed graduated from college with a dream to show the world that the Yemeni youth can do anything. He started with a small project called Arab Coach and went to a youth development center to present his project. There, in the center, he met Maher AlRahomi who also came to present his own project. Both were creative and both hated each other in the beginning of the conference. Days passed and unfortunately, Saeed failed in his presentation.

Saeed was not disappointed and he didn’t allow failure to overcome him. Rather, it gave him a new opportunity for success.  Saeed thought, “Why didn’t I ask Maher to be partner in a project and present Yemen together?”

Finally Saeed asked Maher to participate in an international conference in Egypt where talented youth from around the world gathered together. Maher liked the idea and it became the beginning of socialpalz.com.

Socialpalz is social networking platform based on the user’s interests with friends and the community. Socialpalz is characterized by two important aspects; first, users all over the world can participate in various interests, such as cultures, traditions, and social lives and combine them in a single platform in order to to exchange knowledge seamlessly between users.

The second aspect is that Socialpalz is characterized by the availability of classified pages assigned to each area of expertise, such as engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, sports, technology, photography, politics, administration, as well as many other areas of interest the user can use on the social platform. The purpose of those pages is to gather Interests from all over the world in one place and to disseminate knowledge, develop a culture, and use these classifications as a basic reference to the source of their information in various fields.

The idea came to Alfagieh because of the difficulty of using other social networks to find information. “I, as a user, I don’t want to  make some posts, comments and have fun only, but also I want to find good information easily,” Alfagieh said.

According to Alfagieh the most important problem that the site addressed is how to get information accurately. He explained that the new social service features an intelligent system where it publishes the subjects and shares them with others via special “categories”. These categories collect and connect all the posts and activities carried out by users of the network and display them in each category, classified separately by the type of topic or interest. “It is possible to use as a reference or as a quick source of user information,” he added.

Another advantage, added by Maher AlRahomi, Administrative and financial director for socialpalz.com, is that the new social service contributes to providing job opportunities not only for job seekers, but also for companies seeking employees. This can be accessed by visiting the job opportunities page on the site. 

AlRahomi also mentioned that Socialpalz cares about the job seekers and provides them with a page to share their data, similar to a C.V, to enable them to display their information characteristically to provide the most appropriate jobs, as well as provide direct communication with companies seeking employees.

Yemeni youth succeeded in showing the world that Yemen is not just kidnapping Incidents and terrorism. “People need to know that Yemen has innovators and can produce,” the Socialpalz team believes.

The largest difficulty AlRahomi and Alfagieh faced was organizing the team because the project was funded by their own money, entirely self-supported.

“We suffered a lot but we came up with a great team who are Saeed AlFaqieh, Maher AlRahomi, Ahmed AlShawfi, Shaima AlKhowlani, Yamam AlKushab,Osama AlShami, Mohammed Nasser, Ahmed AlSaeedi  and Najat Fahem and without this team Socialpalz has no success,” Alfagieh said.

Alfagieh said that the Yemeni youth have a lot to do but they lack support and guidance. He said that although the Ministry of Youth refused to support them when they asked, this didn’t stop them and they continued on their way.

Alfagieh suggested that the government should open an Entrepreneurship Business Center to support the Yemeni youth and economy.

AlRahomi said that real change can be approved by the youth’s own independent projects and should stop depending on governmental jobs.

Alfagieh wanted to direct a message to the Yemeni youth that although he failed in the beginning and had no support, he could represent Yemen in a good light. He has received many compliments from different parts of the world such as, “You are talented but you must make a decision that you are going to move on. It won’t happen automatically.”

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