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Yemeni with U.S. Nationality Killed in Taiz

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Yemeni with U.S. Nationality Killed in Taiz

By NY Staff

A Yemeni holding the U.S. nationality was killed last Friday in Al-Huban directorate in the city of Taiz. Sources close to the victim’s family said that gunmen targeted Abduljabbar Ali Al-Qabalani after leaving a barber shop on Al-Huban St. “Gunmen tried to pull him out of the car and shot him dead after he strong fighting with them and then they escaped driving the car,” the source added. Sources note that Abduljabbar was taken to the hospital but deceased shortly after.

The victim’s tribe has decided to take a stand and demanded to know the identity of their son’s killers.

It is worth mentioning that gunmen also targeted the car of Sheikh Ali Abdullatif Rajeh, Vice Governor of Taiz province, an action which confirms that gunmen are targeting governmental cars.