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17th Infantry Brigade Seizes Smuggled Weapons

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17th Infantry ceases new shipment of weapons in the red sea

Common forces of the 17th Infantry Brigade and 35 armed soldiers seized a shipment of smuggled weapons in Bab Almandeb. The smuggled weapons were on board a boat in the Dhabab district, according to reports.

Commander of Taiz axis Ali Mos’ed Hussein told a Yemeni news agency (SABA) that the operation will have great impact on the smugglers and will force them stop their operations. “The brigade’s soldiers broke into the locations of storing smuggled weapons and imposed their control over two of the stores,” he added. According to him, the smuggled containers included poisons and serious pesticides.

Commander Hussein further warned smugglers, stating that armed forces will not allow them to threaten the stability and security of Yemen.