Political Analysis

Saleh’s Regime Accused of Assassinating 155 Southern Leaders

National Yemen

Ali-Salem-al-Beid-on-the-left-side-to the former President Ali-Abdullah-Saleh.

By NY Staff

The Chairman of the Republic Unity Party, Zaid Ali Salah, has said that unity was announced without being carefully studied. He added that it was achieved based on public opinion. He also stated that the regime in the north and the political parties are responsible for killing Southern leaders through a series of assassinations, killing 155 leaders. “This is why leaders in the South started feeling the danger of such a project,” he added. Salah said that ruling regime in the South made use of the civil war and controlled the South through the project of unity in 1990.

He added that victory caused military, religious and tribal powers to oppress the Southern people before dissolving the Southern army and institutions.”Many employees were fired by Northerners who considered the South as war booty and divided the wealth between themselves,” he added. According to him, powers could not protect unity and decided to celebrate it through different media outlets which resulted in more frustration in the South. Salah said that these actions created inner resistance and refusal of the policies adopted by the regime in the North, thus creating the Southern movement. He noted that regime in the North did not reconsider their policies and return property to their owners but instead applied more pressure on the Southern people. “Southerners were convinced that the project of unity did not grant them their rights and so started demanding separation which increased in the revolution in 2011,” he pointed out.

Ali Salah said that he listened to many cases during the sessions of NDC from those who had lost their jobs and had to work as cars washers. “This shows that unity is already dead and Southerners cannot go on with this project under the current circumstances,” he added. According to him, it is time for the powers in the North to accept the demands of Southerners and either dismiss unity altogether or resolve all the problems and return property to their rightful owners to ensure equal citizenship.