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Vice Saudi Consul Talks about Saudi Fight Against Arab Spring

National Yemen


By NY Staff

The deputy of the Saudi consul in Yemen has said that Saudi Arabia helped the U.S. with the killing of Anwar Al-Awlaqi in addition to other operations. He said that Saudi Arabia decided to fight against anything related to the Al-Qaeda organization in the region. “Although Anwar Al-Awlaqi was an Islamic scholar not a fighter, Saudi authorities was also afraid of his speech and impact on people, especially that it refuses the Islamic system Al-Qaeda is trying to establish,” he added.

The Saudi consul deputy also noted that Saudi authorities and other Gulf countries are not pleased with the Islamic parties in Egypt and Tunisia. He added that they do not represent Islam well, but they are still much better than the regime in Saudi Arabia. They are scared of the possibility of having such regimes reach Saudi Arabia and gradually improve their system of ruling the kingdom. “Saudis will then know that they were not ruled by a legitimate Islamic system,” he noted. He added that Saudi authorities are afraid of an eruption of revolutionary activity because people in the Saudi streets are not satisfied anymore with the current regime policies.

In response to a question about relations between the Saudi and U.S. administrations, Consul Vice said that Saudi Arabia links its interests and fate to that of U.S. “Al-Saood are a rich source of several things for the U.S.A,” he added. According to him, the  U.S. situation is stable as long as Saudi authorities provide them with a good portion of their needed amount of oil because it is a lifeline for most countries. He added that the U.S. administration wants to make use of Islamic logos through controlling or making use of Saudi authorities. According to him, Saudi authorities are looking out only for the interest of the ruling family, not ordinary citizens. He added that this is why they submit to U.S. policies, as the U.S. guarantees their continued rule of Saudi Arabia. He added that no better proof can be seen than the agreement by Saudi authorities for striking, occupying and destroying Iraq in addition to threatening Sunni Muslims there. “Iran was the main winner because it could easily impose its control over the Iraqi lands and Sunni people,” he added.

He added that Saudi authorities sacrificed the lives and safety of Sunni people in Iraq for nothing but their continued rule of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Vice Consul said that Saudi authorities are obeying U.S. instructions and are not providing the Syrian opposition with any weapons, despite Sunni Muslims being killed. “They also arrested some scholars who wanted to collect support for the Syrian people.

In March 2012 , police reported that Al-Khalidi had been kidnapped outside his home in Aden by armed men. More than one recorded message by Al-Khalidi seeking the Saudi’s king’s help in meeting his captor’s demands was released by Al-Qaeda.

Translated from Islamic news agency (Haq)