22,000 Cancer Cases Recorded Annually in Yemen

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A little girl suffers from brain cancer

By NY Staff

The Chairman of the Secretary General’s Council of National Institutions for Fighting Cancer, Abdulwase’a Hael Saeed, has states that Yemen is witnessing a remarkable increase in cancer cases. According to him, Yemen records around 22,000 new cases of cancer per year and that it helps around 10,000 of them pre year. At the inauguration of the National Campaign for Supporting Cancer Patients, Saeed said that the institution spent YR 2 billion on health and medical services for cancer patients. “We also held educational campaigns and projects for the rest of the citizens,” he added. The campaign was held last Thursday, the 6th of June to mobilize official and social support for cancer patients.

PM Basindowa stated that the government is working on enlarging the Center of Tumor Treatment from 50 to 100 beds. He also said they will start using advanced machines. “We are finishing building the National Center for Tumors with an 800 bed capacity and it will be a training institute as well,” he added.