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Bin-Omar Says the Southern Issue Must be Solved

National Yemen

Bin-Omar in an interview with Marriott Marquis

Special advisor of the UN to Yemen Jamal Bin-Omar said that all parties have agreed on the necessity of solving the southern issue. He added that all Yemenis admitted the injustice imposed on southern parts of Yemen. “We encouraged the government to fix these injustices starting from forming committees specializing in the different areas of the southern problems,” he pointed out.

Bin-Omar said that he is in Yemen to observe the second phase of NDC and see what was achieved on the level of implementing GCC articles.

According to him, despite authorities restored control over the areas that were ruled by Al-Qaeda, Yemen is still facing the threat of terrorism.

In regard to youth’s acceptance to the NDC results, Bin-Omar said youth have 20% of the seats in the conference and are being given the chance to make decisions.