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Houthi Members Storm the Podium on the Second Day of the Secon Round Session of the Dialogue

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Houthi Members Storm the Podium

On the second day of the Second Round Session of the National Dialogue, Houthi protesters stormed the podium in protest after dramatic events and direct clashes in front of the National Security building left at least ten protesters and soldiers dead and tens more injured. Mohammed Qahtan, the head of the session did not allow the Houthi  Member to read their group statement. Members belonging to the JPC, Houthi and some youth and other parties backed the Houthi request which ended up  dismissing the second day session. Later on statement by the  military and security committees held an urgent meeting and approved the formation of a committee to investigate the riots that took place last Sunday. The investigation committee will be working under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior, the General Inspector of the Defense Ministry, and the Secretary General of Sana’a.