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Al-Rassas Says Partisan Sharing for Jobs was a Bad Idea

National Yemen

Rashad al-Rassas

By NY Staff

Dr. Rashad Al-Rassas minister of state for parliament and Shoura council stated that the problems Yemen is facing cannot be solved by adopting a federal system to rule the country. He added that it will increase the problems and will destroy the aspirations of Yemenis for a better future. According to him, media outlets that are affiliated with political parties showed that adopting this system will help Yemen keep up with the developed countries. “However, federalism will increase the problems as it will establish several governments in different regions which will eventually increase the economic crisis in the country,” he added.

Al-Rassas criticised the policy of partisan sharing for governmental posts. He said jobs are now distributed as rewards of loyalty to particular parties.

According to him, the true solution for these problems is enforcing the law for all citizens and finding effective supervision for the resource administrations. “Only qualified employees should be chosen through loyalties to any party,” he pointed out. He added that citizens want to enjoy their rights in Yemen and to have a decent living and equal citizenship.