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Cheating: Affecting Future Generations and Yemen is Paying the Price!

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Four Girl students are reviewing their free stationary for the year

Asma Al-Mohattwari

“I answered all the questions and I bet I will get the highest mark,” Ahmed cheerfully told his friends.

Ahmed Esam, secondary school student, spent all his time playing and ignoring his studies. He knew that everything would be ok because he prepared well for the examination.  He wrote all the answers on small pieces of papers in order to cheat. The day of the exam came and Ahmed was so happy because everything was prepared.

The only thing he cared about was passing the exam, even if he had no information in his mind. He didn’t think about the difficulties he would face in the future because of such behavior.

He answered all the questions from his small papers and no one discovered him.  Ahmed came out from the exam room with a big smile on his face and told his friend “I didn’t forget any question. I will get full marks”.

But the disaster was when he heard his friends reviewing the exam questions. He was shocked that most of his answers were wrong. Because he didn’t study he couldn’t give the correct answers for the questions.

After that day he swears he will never cheat again.

Cheating in schools is one of the most serious problems facing schools and the education process and has the most impact on the students’ lives and the community around them.

Committees have been developed and students have developed their cheating methods. Amal Al-Mahdi, a teacher, said that the problem of cheating is increasing year after year and the methods have developed more and more.

She said that before the students were cheating by writing only the key words of the answers so they didn’t forget. That means they are studying but only a reminder. Unfortunately, today they have new ways that are difficult to discover.

Al-Mahdi said that one of the cheating methods that he discovered by chance is writing inside a jacket or on pants in small handwriting “I don’t know how they understand it and how much time they spend writing,” she commented “If the use their time studying instead of cheating it will be easier for them”.

Eshraq Al-Jabri, university student, said that she remembered when she was having her secondary school exams, the observer himself allowed her to cheat and said that “I will be outside to see no one will come and you try to finish quickly”.

“We were so happy but now I discovered we were hurting ourselves and our society,” Eshraq said.

Noaman Mohamed, a father, said that cheating is a problem but the biggest problem is when the exam’s hall supervisor is the one who facilitates the process of cheating.

He said that the solution is in the hands of teachers. They should instill good values inside the student, facilitate the curriculum and give them ways to study to make it easy for them.

“The Ministry of Education and the school administration shouldn’t allow such phenomena to spread and should fight it with all means,” he added.

The Minister of Education Dr. Abdulrazak Al-Ashwal issued a new decision about the secondary school certificate exams (GCSE) in which he said that the questions for this year will be three models of tests.

Al-Ashwal said that he has been coordinating with the Ministry of Interior and local authorities to eliminate the manifestations of crowds around the test centers and increasing the workers in the examination process in addition to appointing a supervisor who is given full powers to control the test process.

In addition to that, Sumia Salah, a teacher and mother, said that it is not only teachers who have the responsibility but also fathers.

“Our schools, in general, suffer from some parents who don’t follow their children and leave the responsibility for the school to grow the educate them,” she said

 According to her, the truth is that these parents do not feel the real danger caused by their neglect.

“The strange thing is that the parents’ fingers point to the neglect of the school, forgetting their important role in education for caring and communicating with the educational institution for the protection of children and society,” she said.

The best solutions for cheating are to educate the children well about what is right and wrong. Furthermore, supervisors should be honest and loyal to their profession.

“Parents and students should realize that cheating will affect them badly in the future as well as the society,” Al-Mahdi said.