Hadi Complains Burdens of 2 Million African Refugees

National Yemen

Ethiopians and Somalis drown off Yemeni Coast

By: Abdul-Aziz Al-Hyagim

President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi stated that Yemen is hosting more than two million African refugees, most coming from Somalia. During a meeting with a representative of the High Commission of the UN for Refugees in Sana’a, Hadi called on the international community to support Yemen as it faces huge economic burdens due to the large amount of refugees.

The commissioner’s representative said they are trying to conduct a field survey for the refugees, declaring that more than 107 thousand refugees entered Yemen last year.

Officials said that the consequences of African refugees are not limited to economic but also extend to social and security threats. Vice manager of public relations in Interior Ministry, Mohammed Hizam, said that many refugees commit crimes in Yemen. The ministry announced discovering a group called “Mu’men Somali Youth” declaring that it sent 300 of their members to Yemen to fight with Al-Qaeda.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Abdullah Hammad stated that Yemen is waiting to host a regional conference on the affairs of refugees and illegal immigrants from Horn of Africa to Yemen in September 2013. He added that they will be searching for a regional strategy with the cooperation of GCC countries, countries of the Horn of Africa, and regional and international organizations.


  • Somalia has been immersed in clash since the Siad Barre regime broken down in 1991, and large portions of its citizens have been uprooted following the time when.Spikes in violence and dry season conditions have brought about various waves of dislodging through the years, and most as of late the 2011-12 starvation asserted in excess of 260,000 lives.
    ~Linda Smith.