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Weddings in Yemen: Violent Traditions and Innocent Victims

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By NY Staff

“Take care! There is an armed Sheikh in the car” is one of the slogans raised lately by activists after two youths were killed in a wedding parade in Sana’a. Each year, weddings in Yemen kill and injure tens of people due to accidental shootings. However, the latest case was the first where two men were intentionally killed in the wedding parade. This happened when three youth tried to over go the cars that were taking part in the wedding parade and were shot dead by the bride’s father’s relatives. The case had a great impact on local society after attempts to dilute the crime and turn it into a tribal reconciliation case.

Yemeni weddings are known for their violent traditions, from gunfire to express joy to  decorating the groom with a gun and Jambiya. The traditions also include the Bara’a dance which is found in some provinces like Sa’ada , Sana’a and the rest entire country.

Researchers believe that the phenomenon of weapons in Yemen is a major reason behind the increasing crimes in the country. According to statistics, 80% of crimes are caused by tampering with weapons and random shooting during weddings. Authorities have launched campaigns against this phenomenon in weddings but have not been able not eliminate it. Recently, a groom was killed by his wife when she was playing with a weapon. 

Ibb province announced the signing of a document that criminalizes shooting, especially after a local sheikh was killed in a similar way. Aircrafts also were not spared the risk of random shooting from weddings. One of them received a bullet as it was about to land at the airport. It had 150 passengers on board.