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Ansar Allah Suspends Protests Inside the NDC

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Ansar Allah Suspends Protests Inside the NDC

By NY Staff

Ali Al-Bakhieti, representative of the Ansar Allah movement in the National Dialogue Conference said they are suspending their protests after authorities agreed to answer their demands. Ansar Allah demanded opening an investigation into the killing of a number of protestors last Sunday by the National Security. He added that they informed the committee of their demands and the committee agreed to most of their demands. According to him, some of the imprisoned protestors were released. Hadi directed to treat them on the state’s expenses and allow those who are in need to travel outside Yemen for medical treatment. Al-Bekheiti noted that Hadi issued orders to form investigation committees that should have representatives from their group.

An Ansar Allah representative said that some of their demands were not answered, including ending the discrimination against the victims of the Sa’ada wars. “Although item number 14 of the conference states that victims of the wars in Sa’ada should be equal to those of the peaceful revolution, we are still negotiating about it,” he added.

According to him, they decided to suspend their protests to help the dialogue succeed. He added that they are still clinging to their right to protest if authorities do not answer their demands.

Houthis attacked President Hadi for the first time and accused him of a conspiracy against Sa’ada province. Additionally, Houthi representative of the NDC Saleh Habra said that the current regime is biased against the case of Sa’ada. “Statements of some officials like Riyadh Al-Qurashi and Ali Al-Ahmedi are completely similar to those of the former regime during the six wars they waged against us,” he added. According to him, they gave a deadline for the political powers that promised him of releasing the Houthi detainees and prosecuting all defendants of clashes between themselves and national security.

In this regard, Houthis threatened of holding open protests inside the NDC beginning Saturday until their demands are answered. They demand solving the case of Sa’ada, stating that it was not dealt with  equally to the southern issue.

Sources also reported that President Hadi met with Habra to discuss the recent incidents that took place in Sana’a. “Hadi told Habra that they have to stop creating riots and going to dialogue at the same time,” added the source. They noted that Hadi told Habra they can withdraw from the dialogue if they want.

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