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GPC Accuses Al-Wajeeh and Al-Ahmer of Financial Corruption

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GPC Accuses Al-Wajeeh and Al-Ahmer of Financial Corruption

By NY Staff

The GPC party have accused Minister Al-Wajeeh and Hameed Al-Ahmer through their website of depriving the general budget of billions of taxes due by Sabafon Company owned by Al-Ahmer. The website stated that sources reported both Hameed Al-Ahmer and Sakhr Al-Wajeeh are conducting corrupt contracts. ” While Yemen Mobile company paid YR 9 billion of only 8 months, Sabafone paid only YR 300 million as taxes for 2012,” stated the sources.

According to the party’s website, tax authorities refused what was presented by Al-Ahmer but Al-Wajeeh directed them to accepting it. The party demanded the General Attorney stop the corruption of both figures.

Businessman Hameed Al-Ahmer was one of the main opponents of the former regime led by Ali Saleh. He also was appointed as the secretary general of the preparatory committee of the National Dialogue that was postponed due to the youth revolution.