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Military Forces to Pursue Saboteurs of Power Cables in Mareb

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Military Forces to Pursue Saboteurs of Power Cables in Mareb

By NY Staff

A military source stated last Friday that the army is reinforcing its units in charge of prosecuting saboteurs in Mareb province. He added that additional units have been sent to Mareb to participate in the prosecution campaign. Local sources stated that the army was shelled with heavy artillery the Jaradan directorate in the province one day after the power cables were subject to sabotage. The attacks have increased lately resulting in power outages over a number of cities for four days. Attackers make demands to the government for political or personal needs in order to stop attacking the cables. Sources in the Electricity Ministry stated that armed men of Jaradan family were preventing the technical teams from fixing the damages for four days.

It was reported that the military campaign comes after the failure of official mediation led by Sultan Al-Arada, governor of Mareb, to convince saboteurs to allow technical teams to do their job. Saboteurs who demand the government release their relatives from prison are considered criminals by their tribe. The tribe also said it does not mind killing Hamad Saleh Jaradan, the main defendant of attacking power cables.

Official spokesperson of electricity ministry Sadeq Al-Rawhani said that the power cables were subject to 150 attacks since the eruption of revolution in 2011. “Yemen lost YR 44 billion, which is equal to $2 billion,” he noted.

For his part, the General Manager of Electricity Abdurrahman Saif Aqlan said the institution cannot handle any more attacks due to the huge costs of fixing the cables. He also called for taking effective actions towards saboteurs and implementing deterrent measures against them.

Parliament also gave the government until the end of the month to rehabilitate the situation of electricity stations in the country. It also demanded the government rehabilitate the electricity station in Aden, Hodeida, Taiz, and Makha.

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