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Weapons of Ex-Republican Guards Subject to Looting

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Weapons of Ex-Republican Guards Subject to Looting

By NY Staff

Informed sources revealed that military reports recorded operations of looting and smuggling weapons of former republican guards outside Yemen. The same sources noted that developed weapons and silencer guns are the kinds smuggled most during the last two months into various neighboring countries. “Moreover, we still do not know what happened to the weapons of the Former First Armored Division, especially that Ali Mohsen was reported to demand huge amounts of money for submitting them,” noted the sources.

Trustworthy sources also noted that there are at least eight arms dealers who smuggle weapons from Turkey to Yemen. Sources stated most of the dealers belong to Sa’ada province whose governor is an arms dealer as well. “Smuggling operations start with contracting with one of the companies in Turkey, negotiating procedures and costs and eventually inserting the weapons into pieces of furniture or any other kind of goods,” noted the sources. Sources noted that when the shipment approaches Yemeni coasts, the Yemeni dealer facilitates the rest of procedures. Large amounts of weapons are still held in Turkey and some containers are still seized in Djibouti. According to the sources, arms dealers are trying hard to send these containers from Djibouti.

For his part, the Turkish Ambassador to Sana’a reported that the smuggled weapons do not legally leave Turkey. “There are some elements that try to destroy the Yemeni-Turkish relations but we will certainly fight the operations of smuggling weapons to Yemen,” he noted.