YALI Institute Launches Public SpeakingCompetition for Yemeni Students

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YALI Institute Launches Public SpeakingCompetition for Yemeni Students

By: Abdo Mahmud

The Yemen-America Language Institute (YALI) has launched a competition for students with the slogan “I have a dream for Yemen.” The competition focuses on demonstrating the public speaking skills of more 200 students at the higher levels of the institute.

On Tuesday, the final phase of the competition was held in the presence of five members of the National Diagologue Committees who took time off to attend as special guests.  The competitors showed fluent and professional skills of public speaking, expressing their dreams and aspirations for a better future.

Institute Director Aziz Al-Haddi said that the activity aims to increase the communication skills of the youth in order to eventually build leaders of the future through the promotion of competent dialogue.

Panelists chose three winners and most of the competitors received certificates. They noted that competitors were mostly influenced by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. American Civil rights champion who delivered his speech “I Have a Dream” In Washington, D.C. fifty years ago this year.  Before the competition, all YALI participants were required to read Dr. King’s speech before prearing their own speeches.  The final competion was attended by more than 400 students and guests.