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Al-Qaeda Denies Defeat at Ghail Ba-Wazeer

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Al-Qaeda Denies Defeat at Ghail Ba-Wazeer: photo from archive

By: Khalid Al-Katheeri

Al-Qaeda has denied reports stating that seven of its militants were killed during the recent attacks by Yemeni army. Journalist Abdurrazaq Al-Jamal said the organization knew about the planned attacks and could easily counter it, despite the destruction of various farms in the area. “Close sources to Al-Qaeda said they lost only one militant while the government campaign lost their leaders and two other soldiers in addition to material losses,” he added.

According to him, the army could not surprise the militants who were ready to fight them at the outskirts of the city and did not announce taking over the city. “They did not want to give the army any excuse to launch a larger campaign in the future,” he pointed out.

Al-Jamal also stated that the campaign was launched to deter the recruitment calls of Al-Qaeda. His statements support what was reported by Al-Qaeda; the killing the campaign leader and injury of ten soldiers.

Local sources reported that authorities celebrated what they claimed to be victory against Al-Qaeda by killing seven and injuring tens of them. According to official sources, the campaign was composed of tanks, armored divisions, helicopters and police cars in order to break into the bases of Al-Qaeda. “The campaign destroyed arms stores and seized a number of their ammunition,” stated the official sources.

Edited by Kevin Davis