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Yasser Al-Yemani Attacks U.S. Ambassador

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Yasser Al-Yemani Attacks U.S. Ambassador

By NY Staff

The leader of the GPC party Yasser Al-Yemani launched a scathing attack against U.S. Ambassador to Yemen Gerald Fierstein and the policies of the U.S. in Yemen. Al-Yemani attacked Fierstein for planning to divide Yemen into separate states. “He was supposed to leave Yemen before this time according to the international and local protocol of ambassadors,” he added.

According to him, the government rejected the call of the U.S. to extend the working period of its ambassador as he helped Yemen get out of the crisis. He noted that the White House suggested that the government will not survive without the U.S. ambassador. He also pointed out that it is the first time the U.S. administration aimed to extend the period of duty for an ambassador.

Al-Yemani says that politicians in Yemen want to stay in power by any means necessary.

Edited by Kevin Davis