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120+ staff members create massive renditions of NDC slogans on Sana’a mountainside

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Using teamwork, volunteers from the NDC’s Secretariat General succeeded in creating 300 meter-wide and 40 meter-high versions of the National Dialogue’s slogans on the side of Faj Attan Mountain.

In a volunteer effort, more than 120 members of the NDC Secretariat General’s staff created a 300 meter-wide and 40 meter-high visual rendition the National Dialogue Conference slogans ‘The Inclusive National Dialogue Conference’ and ‘With Dialogue, We Shape the Future’ on Thursday.

Using painted rocks, the slogans were pieced together in Arabic on the side of Sana’a’s Faj Attan Mountain.

After singing a rendition of Yemen’s national anthem together, the staff members were divided into nine teams, each tasked with completing one of the words in the slogans.

In addition to the staff members who prepared paint, collected rocks and shaped the slogans, others had tasks concerned with safety, security, and photographic and video documentation.

After working from early in the morning until late in the afternoon, the Secretariat General staff members were treated to a meal at Shaibani Restaurant.

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