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Human Rights Organizations Warn of Coming Revolution

National Yemen

Hundred of Yemeni migrants in the Saudi jails

By NY Staff

A number of human rights organizations announced the formation of a coalition for defending rights of Yemeni expatriates who were and or will be deported from Saudi Arabia due to new Saudi work regulations. They also stressed the importance of forming a joint operation room for monitoring violations committed against Yemenis in Saudi Arabia and preparing to receive the first group of deportees. In a meeting with whom?, representatives of the organization sought other organizations to join the coalition and form a media team to defend expatriates without any partisan loyalty or affiliation.
Additionally, they warned of a coming revolution for more than 200,000 Yemeni expatriates who have started preparing for a revolution.
The coalition will be announced next week in a press conference and will be in charge of defending the rights of Yemenis working in other countries, especially those currently suffering heightened injustice in Saudi Arabia.