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Minister of Finance Uses Anti-Riots Forces to Break Up Protests

National Yemen

Minister of Finance

By: Hamdi Radman

Anti-riot officers affiliated with the former Special Forces broke into the protest camps of meat market employees of in front of the Ministry of Finance last week. The protests began after the Minister of Finance refused to implement the directives of Prime Minister Basindowa to include these workers as official employees of the state.

A protestor stated that the manager of the security zone arrived to the protest location and was informed that the protests are peaceful and legal. “The manager of security zone understood our demands and silently left the place,” he added. According to him, a force armed with water cannons arrived at the protest site and clashed with the protestors, arresting a number of them. The protester reported that soldiers confiscated two tents and insulted and threatened protestors before directing them to leave the place. “Tens of the anti-riot forces spread around the ministry headquarter and two police cars were stationed in front of the ministry,” he told National Yemen.

The protests began last Saturday, and the protestors have stated that they will continue their resistance until their demands are answered.

Special sources have said that Minister Al-Wajeeh demanded the anti-riot squad to forcibly break up the protests and called on security forces to station themselves in front of the ministry. Minister Al-Wajeeh is encountering a revolution among the ministry’s staff and other employees of governmental institutions after his nomination of a number of unpopular figures as ministerial agents. Al-Wajeeh has also been accused of manipulating the general budget for influential figures in the Islah party and sheikhs who are affiliated with that same party. The ministerial staff are still on strike in protest of Al-Wajeeh’s refusal to give them their payments.