Miss Arab in America Says she is Proud to be Yemeni

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Maha Zain: Miss Arab in America Says she is Proud to be Yemeni

By NY Staff

Maha Zain is aiming to give Yemen a good name with her performance in the United States’ Miss Arab competition. Yemen is her country, and she is proud of this. “I want to correct the misconceptions spread among western countries about Yemen in particular and about Arabs in general,” she professed. The competition is based solely on the mental abilities of its female contestants, foregoing assessment of physical qualities out of respect for Arab traditions.

Maha Zain criticized the Yemeni media for not paying attention to the contest, particularly while the media of other Arab countries are following the event closely. “It is aiming to qualify Arab women and choose from them the woman best able to eventually help her society,” she noted. The winning woman will be granted responsibilities in supporting women in her society and representing a positive image for Arab women across America.