Officials Deny Intentions of Increasing Prices

National Yemen

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By NY Staff

Yemeni official have denied any intentions of the government to increase prices of basic goods through increases in prices of oil derivatives. In the meantime, experts and politicians warned that any increase in goods’ prices would result in a new revolution in Yemen. Media consultant of Prime Minister Rajeh Badi stated that government does not intend to increase prices of oil derivatives or goods prices. “The government does appreciate the difficult situations Yemen is going through,” he added. According to Badi, some political powers have tried to spread this news in attempts to foment unrest among Yemeni people and threaten stability in Yemen. He noted that the government received nothing of the support that was announced by international organization or donating countries.

Chairman of the economic media center in Sana’a Mustafa Nassr stated that the Yemeni government is facing increased international pressure from the International Monetary Fund to apply a new increase in prices. “They say that any increase in the prices will provide the budget with billions,” he added. He noted that government is not able to approve any such increase as it might lead to revolution against the transitional government. According to Nassr, Yemenis are counting on political change to positive impact their living conditions. “We seem unable to monitor the oil derivatives that go to local market because influential figures and officials are looting great amounts of the oil dedicated for the government and then selling it on the black market. Nassr said that government should start promoting non-oil Yemeni resources like fish wealth and tourism.

Ali Al-Bekheiti, official spokesperson of Houthi movement, has announced the movement’s refusal of any price inflation that would harm Yemenis’ livelihoods. He added that they are demanding government to stop the manipulation of the general budget and prosecute corrupt officials who consider the transitional period a chance to simply loot whatever they can. “Corruption is widespread in all governmental boards, and government is unable to fight it; they are attempting to make up for their failure through increasing the prices of oil derivatives.” Al-Bekheiti commented further that donors and global organizations have complained that the government has no plans or projects for making the best use of the donations given to Yemen.