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President Hadi Ends Conflicts of Parliamentary Blocks

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President Hadi Ends Conflicts of Parliamentary Blocks

By NY Staff

President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi has put limits on the crisis that erupted recently between the Yemeni government and parliament. The president’s action coincides with the return to Sana’a of UN special advisor to Yemen Jamal Bin-Omar, who will continue observing the country during the transitional period. Hadi held a meeting with the chairmen of parliament and House of Representatives and Prime Minister Basindowa to warn them of the consequences of the conflicts. “All political parties have to be aware of their performance and have to put Yemen’s interests before their eyes,” said President Hadi.

Hadi’s directions come after representatives affiliated with JMPs announced boycotting the parliamentary sessions in protest to the decisions issued by Yehia Arrai’e. According to them, Arrai’e is violating the articles of GCC initiative. “He does not take into consideration the importance of national reconciliation and does not refer to the President when conflicts occur,” stated the representatives.  

It was reported that Hadi directed all political parties to resume their presence in parliamentary sessions, declaring that he will solve any problems that occur between the political parties. “The parliament should reunite and there should be no place for personal or partisan differences among them,” he noted.

President Hadi also resolved all conflicts between parliament and government after demanding government to stand before the parliament. He also called off the new decrees of Minister of Legal Affairs declaring that the current phase needs no similar decrees.