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Saleh’s Aides Shares Protests to Ouster Mursi in Egypt

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Saleh’s Aides Shares Protests to Ouster Mursi in Egypt

By NY Staff

A group of aides of former President Ali Saleh travelled to Egypt to participate in protests against Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi.┬áThe Yemeni group included Saleh’s nephew Yahiya Saleh, Yasser Al-Yemani and Salah Assaiadi. Photos released on the internet show the aides taking part in the Cairo Square protests. Other photos have been published of Yahiya Saleh in Turkey holding a Syrian flag and condemning the use of violence against youth demanding change from Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan.

Analysts have stated that these actions are part of an effort to involve President Hadi in regional conflicts. Former President Saleh also may have sent aides to learn how these protests are organized, in order to establish similar movements against President Hadi in Yemen. It is worth mentioning that Saleh’s aides are aspiring to regain power in Yemen following the current transitional period. They are now forming a cell that will organize similar protests in Yemen during the coming days to repeat the Egyptian experience