Yemen Exports Five Thousand Tons of Honey in 2012

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Yemen Exports Five Thousand Tons of Honey in 2012

By NY Staff

According to recent statistics, Yemen has exported five thousand tons of honey in 2012 at a cost of YR 13 billion. Yemeni honey enjoys a good reputation in the Gulf market, which pays $13 million for 500 tons of honey on an annual basis. These revenues are equal to the total revenues of oil in the past year. SABA news agency reported that Yemen exports honey to a number of Arab and western countries in addition to countries in East Asia and Africa.

The hives Yemen uses to produce this honey reached 1,293,000 in 2012. There are indications that the number will keep increasing due to the support of the Agricultural Ministry. According local apiarist Ghazi Ali Mahroos, Hadramout province topped the other provinces in 2012 and produced 856 tons of honey. He noted that the Sidr honey produced in Hadramout is useful for curing a number of diseases, including ailments of liver and digestive system as well as treating wounds. ” Sidr honey comes in two types, Al-Daoa’ni and Al-Jardani, which are sold for prices as high as seven thousand per kilo.

According to Hahroos, Yemeni honey reaches other countries through Yemeni emigrants, who form a fundamental component of society in Indonesia, Kenya, and Gulf countries. “Honey in Yemen supplied the Yemeni economy with hard currency and is still providing Yemen with good revenues,” he observed. Beekeepers in Yemen, he added, use traditional methods for raising bees and do not use pesticides, which further enhances the prestige of Yemeni honey.