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British ambassador to Yemen, back to UK

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British ambassador to Yemen, back to UK

By Asma Al-Mohattwari

On 29 June the British ambassador to Yemen, Nicholas Hopton, held a press conference in the British embassy to speak with the media one more time before returning to his country.

Ambassador Hopton spent 18 months in Yemen and worked to help Yemen build a better future, “Yemen has made progress in many fields, especially on the political side.  Some of the changes are born of GCC initiatives, including elections in February, the National Dialogue Conference (NDC) and the restructuring of the Ministries of Defense and the Interior.” Hopton said.

Hopton encouraged all Yemeni parties to participate in the political change and overcome all the challenges they are facing. “[Yemen’s] parties are able to achieve more progress, and the UK will continue its full support for Yemen,” he added.

On economics, Hopton said that 8 billion dollars were awarded to Yemen by international donors and Yemen is now in the process of creating programs to gradually advance the Yemeni economy.

On the other hand, Hopton talked about the Yemenis who still do not have enough to eat, particularly displaced persons, and stressed the concerning humanitarian situation in Yemen.

“The UK has provided Yemen with more than $ 300 million and we are keen to provide support to all those in need. This requires a framework to spend money for the right people,” he said.

Concerning security in Yemen, Hopton said that Yemen is suffering from fragility problems and that terrorist leaders are a point of concern for the international community, “The UK is commited to provide support for Yemen to eradicate terrorism.”

The British ambassador pointed out that the establishment of an independent body dealing with human rights would strengthen and consolidate human rights efforts on the ground in Yemen.

At the end of the conference, Hopton pointed to the importance of the Yemeni women role in society through the active role they are playing in all aspects of society.

He concluded with an expression of happiness at working with such a great people.