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Political Situation in Yemen is still Fragile, Al-Atwani Says

National Yemen

Sultan Al-Atwani,

By NY Staff

Secretary General of Nasserite Party Sultan Al-Atwani stated that while Yemen is approaching the final phases of its transitional period, there are some who are trying to put obstacles before finishing the political duties of government. He added that changes were not yet complete in the civil, administrative, military and security boards. “The judiciary system is being manipulated and the power transition is not done yet,” he added. He noted that the GPC party continues to violate the articles of GCC initiative and had adopted the same methods of the former regime in running the Shura council and House of Representatives.
The Secretary General of Nasserite party further warned of actions that aim to destroy state control over the country and block the path of the transitional period. “This is also attributed to the government’s failure in facing the huge security loss as well as facing the sabotage against power cables and oil pipelines,” he noted. Al-Atwani called on the government to exert greater efforts to improve living conditions for people and take better care of poor populations who have not yet been touched by any national improvement projects
The Secretary General further stated that government must be aware of the international support institutions, which have led many countries to failure and caused explosions of political and social situations therein. “Any potential increase in the prices of food will result in another revolution,” he warned. He also called on the government to seriously and urgently take the needed measures and treatments for the problem of expatriates deported from Saudi Arabia. Al-Atwani also announced the party’s refusal to politicize public posts as a means of imposing control over the state’s administrative board.