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Yemeni Embassy and Students Stand before Algerian Judiciary System

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Yemeni Embassy and Students Stand before Algerian Judiciary System

BY NY Staff

In an unprecedented incident, the Yemeni embassy and students in Algeria will stand before the Algerian judiciary system. The Algerian court will investigate the conflicts between the embassy and students after the embassy falsely students of inciting riots. It was reported that embassy threatened students with deportation to Yemen or even violence if the students did not stop their protests. Students earlier issued a statement complaining of the behavior of the Yemeni embassy to Algeria and announced their intention to escalate their protests until authorities respond to their demands.

In this regard, authorities in Yemen formed a committee and assigned it to visit Algeria and investigate the incidents there. “The committee recommended adopting quick solutions for the issue of choosing diplomatic delegations to other countries,” reports stated. The committee also clearly indicated the importance of removing ambassador Jamal Awadh and the cultural affairs employees in Algeria. According to the committee, the employees were proven to have conducted a number of violations of both administrative and financial policy. “They kept taking parts of the students’ grants for no reason, regularly denied embassy entrance to Yemeni students, and refused to give the papers and documents they need for their study in the different schools,” added the committee. The committee reported that the embassy’s actions towards students has forced students to visit hospitals or prisons like Rabie’e Makki, who was accused by the embassy of stealing $64 USD, though he was later cleared by Algerian courts. The court proved that the money was stolen by employees of the embassy.
Ambassador Jamal Awadh and cultural affairs employees will be called to court in Yemen for suiting them. Anti-corruption authorities have demanded suspension of these employees from their jobs for their corrupt actions.
The embassy’s violations against students are due to student’s helplessness of fighting against them and their limited abilities. (Consider removing.)