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Al-Ma’refa Forum Encourages Maintaining Old Sana’a and Zabied as a World Cultural Heritage Site

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Al-Ma’refa Forum Encourages Maintaining Old Sana’a and Zabied

By Yaseen al-Tamimi

Al-Ma’refa “Knowledge” forum held two sessions last Thursday. The first of these sessions addressed families and productivity, while the second focused on the maintenance of Yemeni locations on the list of world cultural heritage sites. The first session was host d by Osama Al-Shami, Manager of the Social Fund for Development’s Microfinance Unit. In his review of the “one product per family” initiative, he explained his intention for the initiative to frame the encouragement of production in Yemeni society as a means of establishing new sustainable development in the country. “We are encouraging local and individual production through sponsorship of their microfinances, which should have been sponsored by official authorities in the first place,” he noted. Al-Shami also discussed the “I am a productive Yemeni” campaign, which aims to change the negative impression currently held toward productive segments of Yemeni society. This initiative intends to enhance Yemeni production and improve living and working conditions of Yemeni families. “Among our goals are creating job opportunities, encouraging the use of local products, and expanding export of Yemeni products to foreign markets,” he noted.
Yemeni families are the main supporters of these two initiatives, in addition to concerned authorities and businessmen. Al-Shami expressed his aspiration to turn the first initiative—“One product per family”—into a national project covering all provinces and rural areas of Yemen.
The second session discussed methods of preserving Yemen’s position in the list of world cultural heritage sites administrated by UNICCO. Engineer Nabeel Monassar reviewed a presentation of the achievements achieved by the Yemeni delegation to the recent UNICCO conference held in the Phnom Penh, highlighting in particular the successes of the delegation in keeping Yemen and Old Sana’a on the list.