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How Weapons and Illegal Immigrants Are Smuggled to Yemen?

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Hundreds of Yemeni islands suffer a dearth of security

Al-Jazeera news channel recently revealed many locations of weapons and immigrants smuggled over Yemeni borders through coastal lines of the Arab and Red Seas. Al-Jazeera’s report noted that that hundreds of Yemeni islands suffer a dearth of security and control, and these islands are used extensively by smugglers for collection and distribution of weapons.

Al-Jazeera aired live videos of Yemeni forces arresting ships loaded with weapons as well as immigrants illegally heading to Yemen. Mohammed Al-Maqaleh, General Manager of Hodeida Security, told Al-Jazeera that weapons and immigrants are mostly smuggled through the Makha, Dhabab and Bab Al-Mandab regions.” We still do not know the reasons behind using these islands as main smuggling headquarters,” he admitted. Al-Jazeera correspondent Ahmed Al-Shalafi stated that a Turkish delegation visited Yemen to discuss the methods by which weapons are smuggled into Yemen from Turkey.