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“Looking into the Inside” Art Gallery

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“Looking into the Inside” Art Gallery

By Maram Alabbasi

Looking into the inside is the name of a new solo exhibition by artist Amna Al-Nasiri.  Al-Nasiri is a Yemeni painter, art critic and philosophy professor who held her latest gallery in the Culture House in Sana’a last week. The exhibition consisted of 28 works of art.

Al-Nasiri explained to National Yemen the meaning behind the gallery’s name, Looking into the inside. “Human beings are capable of seeing the world and freedom, as well as choosing their own ways of living by themselves, through looking into the inside before the outside.”

 In short, the exhibition raises many questions on human beings and revolution as an individual and group activity, leaving the viewer a part of the experience. Access to interpretations or possible answers are left to the recipients who live within the experiences created by the paintings.

“We are currently living in a constant dialogue between freedom and oppression, between justice and injustice. It is a matter of hard choices; a free human would never choose slavery,” Al-Nasiri stated.

For Al-Nasiri, human beings can be enslaved by their own ideas and thoughts. Woman, though the prominent figure in many of Al-Nasiri’s paintings, is not the intended theme. “The theme of the paintings and the exhibition is human beings; women are used as symbols for all human beings, and symbols of a homeland in general.”

Vision and the ability to gain real introspection into the world according to Dr. Al-Nasiri cannot be obtained merely by superficial sight, “but has to be approached by our spiritual side and through our hearts.”

 Dr. Al-Nasiri holds a Ph.D. in philosophy of art from the Soviet Union, and has held numerous esteemed internal and external solo exhibitions. She made her stamp on the art movement in Yemen, and filled the vacant space for art criticism in the field of visual arts.