Prostitution Spreads over Hotels in Sana’a

BY NY Staff

Prostitution has spread remarkably over hotels in the capital Sana’a, threatening Yemeni society and children. Security sources have reported that 90% of hotels on Taiz Street employ encrypted channels throughout the day, which had previously been impossible due to government controls. “Control over these channels has decreased with the recent security loss, which gives hotel managers new opportunities to their methods of spreading prostitution, even using women and children when needed,” added sources.

These sources also reported that certain hotels have full suites for girls shown to hotel customers. Certain hotels even allow their customers to ask for particular rooms with girls ready for them upon their arrival. “Hotels give their customers the opportunity to choose between girls or boys, including youth from other provinces as well as from the capital.”

Hotel managers rely on facilitating prostitution in order to make up for monetary losses during Yemen’s three year lull in tourism. “It is terrible tool for destroying the morals of Yemeni youth, especially girls who feel safe after escaping their families’ houses,” added sources. Security sources are appealing to all concerned authorities to take their responsibility to end these terrible practices and protect Yemeni society by putting an end to these illegal services.