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Ramadan Free of Microphones for the First Time

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Ramadan Free of Microphones for the First Time

By NY Staff

Sheikh Jabri Ibrahim, General Manager of the Preaching and Guidance Department of the Ministry of Endowments, has stated that the ministry has launched an intensive Ramadan program to be broadcast through different channels. Sheikh Jabri noted that the programs will include public symposia and distribution of brochures and posters that call for forgiveness and the abandonment of interpersonal conflicts during the holy month. He added that the Ministry has directed all mosques to use microphones only during prayer time to avoid creating an annoyance. “The Endowments Ministry is the only authority observing mosques, and all mosques are required to comply with its,” he announced.

Yemenis are accustomed to the use of microphones by mosques as tools for announcing the holy month and increasing awareness of the holy month.