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Saleh Accuses Muslim Ikhwan of Loyalty to Zionists

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Photo from archive, Saleh receives loyal women to him

By NY Staff

Former president Ali Saleh has launched a severe attack against the Muslim Ikhwan of Yemen’s Islah party, accusing them of loyalty to Zionist entity. In a meeting with leaders of the GPC, Saleh said that the ousting Muslim Ikhwan was a logical result, as it is not easy for a group of religious leaders to rule countries after spending years preaching. He added that Ikhwan turned authority facilities into centers for meetings of the group’s members. Members of the GPC approved establishing an organization to defend those who are harmed by any Islah party activities.

Participants in the meeting discussed the release of defendants accused of involvement in the bomb attack on the presidential compound. They expressed condemnation for the release of defendants, whose freedom resulted in the killing and injury of prominent GPC leaders including Abdul-Aziz Abdulghani, who was killed in the explosion mentioned above. The GPC party stressed the importance of arresting and prosecuting these defendants.

Members of the party also demanded that their leaders maintain the articles of GCC initiative through keeping their political role on the right path. They also called all Yemenis to support them and fight for Yemen’s greater good, which must be put before anything else.