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U.S. Ambassador Apologies on Victims of Drones

National Yemen

Jerald Fierstein

By NY Staff

Ambassador of U.S. to Sana’a Jerald Fierstein stated that the United States’ record in Yemen is not bad, though there are still mistakes in the records. He also apologized for all victims of U.S. drone attacks, stating that they present logistic support for Yemeni authorities in the fight against terrorism.
The ambassador noted that his country supports Yemen in building a stronger economy and providing job opportunities for Yemenis. He stated that the steps taken by Saudi authorities regarding Yemeni laborers are an internal matter between Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Defending their procedures of returning hundreds of thousands of Yemenis to Yemen, Ambassador Fierstein denied that U.S. administration interfered to stop the Saudi procedures.
According to him, the articles of GCC initiative are clear and should be accomplished within the timeframe established by the initiative. “A new constitution should be prepared after Ramadan,” he noted. He added that neither U.S. administration nor the international community have the ability to cancel the immunity granted to former president Saleh because all parties agreed on it and the measure was approved by the House of Representatives. “However, [his immunity] does not include punishments for attempts of blocking the political process in Yemen, which will include assets in western banks,” he noted.
In regard to journalist Abdul-Ulah Haidar who was arrested per a directive from President Obama, Fierstein said that Ulah Haidar had worked too closely with the Al-Qaeda organization.