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What Yemenis Want From Their New Constitution

National Yemen

By NY Staff

The Organization of Yemeni Parliaments Against Corruption has announced the results of a recent survey conducted with the help of 24.000 Yemeni citizens on their vision of what should be included in the new constitution. The survey results showed that most southerners support establishing a federal system, the only exception being the people of Lahj province, who supports decentralization.
According to the survey’s results, 80% of Yemenis demand a four-year presidency term and most of them support decentralization. “A remarkable percentage supports dividing Yemen into five regions,” stated the results.
According to the survey, 76% demand preventing aides and family of President and PM of occupying any influential posts in the country. They also demanded preventing any of them from nominating themselves for elections before electing another president. “While some people suggest that incoming presidents should resign from their parties, 85% demanded setting a certain payment for the incoming presidents and prime ministers,” the survey found.
The survey’s results showed that 79% of respondents wished to ban all armed military groups outside of the national military institution, in addition to banning the formation of parties on a sectarian basis. Participants of the survey stated that authorities must stop taking loans for development projects and stop granting employees immunity, which prevents courts from properly prosecuting them. In regard to legislative institutions, most people stated that any member of the House of Representatives should have a university degree.


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