YALI Institute Celebrates 38th Anniversary

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YALI Institute Celebrates 38th Anniversary

By NY Staff

The Yemen- American Language Institute (YALI) is celebrating its anniversary the past  week, commemorating it establishment as the first language institute in Yemen.  The Institute has operated since 1975 with the current sponsorship of  more than 100 companies, banks, public and private organizations. Minister Mashhoor attended the ceremony and expressed happiness at the institute’s success over the past years. She added that the institute was an important link between various cultures, and that through adopting modern methods developments in the modern world through working with organizations such as YALI.

Aziz Al-Haddi, manager of the Institute, said that the celebration honored the efforts of the past years–especially those of over 5000 diploma graduates from the institute, who have earned their diplomas of proficiency and earned their certifications in the TOEFL exam as well. “We still have different plans and programs that will be implemented during the coming period in cooperation with institutional partners,” he added. Al-Haddi noted that the institute supplied the local and regional trading market with qualified youth who have accredited certificates recognized locally and in the region.

Dr. Katherine Hennessey of the American Institute for Yemen Studies admires YALI’s support of innovative extracurricular activities and its attention to important aspects of both Yemeni and American culture. In a speech at the anniversary ceremony, Dr. Hennessey said that the AIYS is working hard to promote serious academic research on all aspects of Yemeni society and culture.  “The play Yaana Min al-Shaiba which was performed at YALI addressed the issue of childhood marriage in Yemen,” said Hennessey.

Organizations promoting cultural and intellectual development in Yemen like the Idanoot Foundation for Folklore, led by Fatima al-Baydhani and her team have also taken on the immense challenge of documenting and preserving the vast and rich performance traditions of Yemen. “Tonight we have seen some of the fruits of Idanoot Foundation for Folklore work in the dance performance and action in theater,” concluded Hennessey.