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Ansar Allah Proposes Forming Salvation Government

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Ansar Allah Proposes Forming Salvation Government

By NY Staff

Security Council Special Advisor to Yemen Jamal Bin Omar revealed a suggestion by Ansar Allah’s leader Abdulmalik Al-Houthi to form a national salvation government. Bin- Omar has stated that he considers the Houthi proposal as a positive sign that Houthis want to join political arena. According to Bin Omar, this is a remarkable development, especially seeing as all Yemenis believe that Houthis should be part of the political scene in Yemen. “This means they will eventually join the dialogue conference, elections and parliament in the future,” he noted.
Bin Omar added that the national salvation government proposed by Houthis must represent all parties and not only those who signed on to the GCC initiative. He pointed out that the Ansar Allah movement has the chance to work with political parties and discuss all issues. “All parties in Yemen recognize the importance of cooperation for the success of the national dialogue and Ansar Allah should join this peaceful, national effort.”
Regarding the national dialogue conference, Bin Omar stated that outcomes of the dialogue will form the basis and principles of the new constitution of Yemen. He added that at the end of the dialogue, a drafting committee will be formed for the constitution and will reflect the political agreements and will lead to good governance. “Dialogue is built on first, and all parties have decided to effectively participate in this effort. This is something new for Yemen,” said Bin Omar.
Bin Omar further said that extending the transitional period is no longer an option, because the dialogue is progressing so successfully. He confirmed regional and international support for Yemen, declaring that regional powers, along with Gulf countries, all support the political process in Yemen and especially for President Hadi, who enjoys huge support among these players.
Bin Omar stated that sabotage against Yemeni infrastructure causes more suffering for the poor and weak in Yemen. “Such crimes cost Yemen millions and it is time to prosecute the saboteurs.”

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